Guidance and Help with eDocs

This website assists Human Resources professionals in using the electronic documents (eDocs) required to maintain up-to-date HR information about staff and academic employees at Indiana University. This site shares guidance on getting started, which HR eDocs to use when, specific instructions on how to complete HR eDocs, and more. Helpful support, frequently used resources, and links to related tools are also shared here.

What is an eDoc? digital form icon

An eDoc is an electronic document, or form, used to add or change information in an IU system (e.g. HR, financials, purchasing, others).

HR eDocs add or change information in IU’s Human Resources Management System—PeopleSoft—and Kuali TIME.

Please note: HR eDocs must be approved before changes take effect.

What is HRMS?

IU maintains a Human Resources Management System (HRMS) for employee data. The HRMS Portal is an online directory to help HR professionals maintain employee data using eDocs and correctly update information in PeopleSoft HRMS. To access this portal, go to and search for HRMS. Below is a screenshot of the portal.

screen shot of HRMS postal home page