Account: KFS accounts from which employee pay is budgeted. Subaccount and project are more specific budgeting categories that departments may establish.

Employee Record Number: A sequential number (starting with 0) for each job a person holds.  If an employee transfers into various positions at IU, they may only ever have one record number, but if they take on additional jobs or terminate and come back, they will be assigned new record numbers for those jobs.

Earn Code: A category of pay indicating what type of dollars the employee is being paid.

FTE: Stands for “full-time equivalent.” 1.0 FTE = 40 standard hours per week.

Funding Type: Percent, Amount, or Timekeeping. Identifies how dollars for the employee’s pay will be split out of the identified accounts – by percentage, by flat amounts, or by clocked hours in TIME.

Job Code: A general identifier for many positions of the same type.

National ID: Social Security Number

Position Number: Identifies a specific position held by one person in a department or a pool of part-time employees within a department.

Salary Plan/Salary Grade: Classification schedules applied to job codes that are used when classifying a position.

Task: Subdivision of Work Area, for departments who want employees to record hours worked on specific projects within a Work Area. Tasks are set up and managed in Kuali TIME.

University ID: 10-digit employee identifier assigned by PeopleSoft.

Voucher Code: Departmental payroll document used to group employees of specific types for payroll entry and verification prior to payment calculation and processing.

Work Area: Departmental divisions where employees can record their hours worked in Kuali TIME. Timesheet routing is based on Work Area. Work Areas are set up and managed in Kuali TIME.

Route Status Definitions

Initiated: Document started by eDoc initiator but not saved to an Action List or submitted for routing. Documents abandoned or X-ed out while in this status will not be saved to the Action List. These must be recovered and saved or cancelled before another transaction will be possible on the employee.

Saved: Document is saved to a user’s Action List but not yet submitted for routing.

Cancelled: The document was cancelled prior to submission for routing.

Enroute: Document has been submitted for routing and approvals. Review the Route Log for exact status.

Processed: The document has been through final approval and has been saved by a central office user to PeopleSoft. The document will not reach “Final” status until all acknowledgements are complete; however, the changes requested by the eDoc have been fully incorporated into the employee’s job data.

Final: The document has been through final approval and has been saved by a central office user to PeopleSoft. All acknowledgements have been completed, if any.

Disapproved: The document was disapproved at some point in the approval hierarchy. The initiator will receive an item in the Action List indicating this. All disapprovals should include notes as to the reason disapproval.