Transfer Employee

Note: All Staff transfers will be processed through TAM into PeopleSoft HRMS beginning September 20, 2023. Refer to the Ready for Hire Training page for more information.

Things you will need before initiating a Transfer Employee eDoc:

  • University ID
  • Effective date/Start date
  • Position Number
  • Work Location
  • Posting/OAA Number or Posting Waiver
  • Standard Hours (if different than 40)
  • Compensation Rate
  • Voucher Code
  • Account Numbers

To find a University ID: Use the Person Inquiry under the Inquiries column on the HRMS portal page.  If there are no results, you may need to initiate an Add New Person eDoc.   

Check for Active Jobs: Make sure the individual does not have any other active jobs within IU by entering the University ID or First Name, Last Name, and Date of Birth in the Employee Active Jobs Lookup section of the HRMS portal. If there are any active job records you may need to complete a different eDoc. Contact your HRBP or for additional information.

Complete the Transfer Employee eDoc

  1. Initiate the Transfer eDoc by clicking on the Transfer Employee link under Employee Activities eDocs on the eDoc portal page.
  2. Enter the University ID of the individual you want to transfer
  3. Under the Initial Data: enter the effective date/start date (preferably the start of a pay period) and the position number you are moving the employee to and click Continue
  4. Action Reason will default to Transfer.  Refer to the “Staff Transfer eDoc Action Reasons” chart to determine the appropriate Action Reason.
  5. Primary Job should default to Yes.  If you see No in the Primary Job field, please contact us for further instructions.
  6. Enter the Work Location Country and Work Location State (If employee will be working from a state other than Indiana, please contact AskHR before continuing.)  (If employee will be working from a country other than the US, please contact the Office of General Counsel.)
  7. Enter the Posting Number from TAM or check if the posting was waived. (If posting was waived, be prepared to attach the email/document approving the waiver.) Click Continue.
  8. In the Job Data section, enter the compensation rate from the approved job offer in TAM. 
  9. Click on Calc Annual Rate to see the calculated annual pay rate.
  10. Verify that the standard hours are 40 or change if different.  Verify that the Tax Location matches the employee’s work location.  Click Continue.
  11. In the Earnings section verify the Funding Type as Percent or Amount.
  12. Enter the voucher code.  Then click on Add Accounting Line.
  13. Since the account number is most likely different from what auto populates, enter the account number and the percent or amount
  14. If necessary to add or remove accounting lines, click on the appropriate buttons. When adding accounting lines be sure to that the total of all lines is equal to 100%
  15. Add a note if necessary.  Information that may be included in the note section may include waiver information, internal departmental approvals, offer letters, other information important to department approvers.  Be sure to click Add to the right of the note to save the note before submitting.
  16. Click Submit to route the eDoc for approval.  (Click save to Save the eDoc and return to it later. Click Cancel to cancel the eDoc and start over.)