Academic Frequently Asked Questions

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1. When I am utilizing the lookups, why can’t I see all the valid values?

Only a hundred will display for most tables, you can use the [<< Prev] 1 2 [Next >>] to move back and forth through the pages.

2. How do I know which type of leave plan to utilize for AcadHR?

Please refer to the on-line version of the Academic Handbook for policies regarding all leave types:

Academic Administrative Leave

An Academic Administrative Leave of Absence is requested when a faculty member is returning from an Administrative duty, such as a Dean, and leave time has been granted to prepare for the transitioning back to the classroom.

Academic Leave from Departmental Duties

An Academic Leave from Departmental Duties is granted to release a faculty member from usual teaching and committee assignments to work fulltime on an extra departmental assignment or grant project.

Academic Leave with Full Pay

Academics will utilize this action reason for leaves with pay for military tours of duty, jury duty, and appearance as subpoenaed witnesses. Leaves for the latter two purposes shall be permitted for whatever periods may be required by the courts. Leaves for military obligations shall not exceed 15 days in any one calendar year.

Academic Leave with Partial Pay

An Academic Leave with Partial Pay will be utilized for faculty members who negotiate a partial reduction in assignment. A partial leave of absence may be granted where the appointee, the chairperson and/or dean agree that a reduction in assignment will benefit the faculty member and the University.

Academic Family Leave – Partial Pay

An Academic Family Leave – Partial Pay may be granted for faculty members who have completed one year of service (with a frequency not to exceed once every three years). The partially paid leave shall be for a period not to exceed (15) weeks or the end of the semester, whichever occurs first.

For the birth or adoption of a child by the academic appointee or the academic appointee’s spouse, which leave must be concluded within twelve (12) months of the birth or placement. (With the pregnancy leave, the employee may wish to take advantage of the six weeks at full pay before taking the Partially-Paid Family Leave. Total leave not to exceed 15 weeks.)

Also use for the serious health condition of the academic appointee’s spouse, child, or parent, when the academic appointee is primary caretaker.

Academic Medical Leave – Full Pay

An Academic Medical Leave with full pay will be granted for up to 6 weeks for a major illness, which will include pregnancy.

The employee may be required to provide advance leave notice and medical certification. Taking of leave may be denied if requirements are not met.

The employee ordinarily must provide 30 days advance notice when the leave is “foreseeable.”

There may be a required medical certification to support a request for leave because of a serious health condition, and may require second or third opinions (at the employer’s expense) and a fitness for duty report to return to work.

Academic Medical Leave – Partial Pay

An Academic Medical Leave with partial pay will be granted for faculty on a full leave of duties for major illness, which will include pregnancy. (Fully paid leave for first 6 weeks – see above,) Leave can be continued for 9 additional weeks at half pay if medically necessary (see requirements above).

Academic Sabbatical Leave – Full pay

Academics will utilize this action reason for Sabbatical Leave for one semester at full salary. This policy will also apply to Librarians.

Academic Sabbatical Leave – Partial pay

Academics will utilize this action reason for Sabbatical Leaves for one year. A sabbatical leave need not be taken in a single academic year but may be divided. This policy will also apply to Librarians.

Academic Leave - Without Pay

Academics will utilize this action reason for faculty members who apply for the LWOP. These LWOP’s are limited to one year.

Pregnancy and childrearing shall be considered a permissible purpose for applying for a leave without pay and shall be available as prescribed by the policy on leave without pay, to all academic appointees.

Academic Medical Leave - Without Pay

This action reason is utilized by Academics to allow Faculty to acquire a leave of absence for a period of time that may extend longer than allowed by FMLA (as approved by the board of trustees).

Academic Prestigious Fellowship – this is a new leave code.

When processing an academic leave, always remember on the Earnings Distribution Page to make the appropriate entries. Refer to the forth coming Process Academic Partial Leave of Absence Guide for processing a Non Paid LOA, A Partial Paid LOA, and A fully Paid LOA .

3. What if an employee has more than one appointment?

This would encompass multiple jobs. Please refer to the Valid Multiple Job Combinations document for eligible combinations, and FTE limits.

It is important to note that:

  • Non-exempt and exempt appointments can’t be held concurrently.
  • AC1 (2000) employees may not hold an AC2 (2300) appointment concurrently.
  • Administrative appointments will no longer be viewed as multiple job situations. Refer to the Hire AC1 Academic Employee, Administrative Post or Position Management in the E-doc User Guide for further instructions.

4. How will Summer Appointments be handled?

  • Summer only appointments will be AC2 summer only, appointed as a visitor.
  • AC1 summer appointments will be paid through additional pay.
  • Refer to the summer academic calendar for payroll dates.

5. Will the Academic Calendar be the same for all campuses?

Yes. AC1 and AC2 appointees will follow the schedule of:

  • Fall semester = 08/01/$$
  • Spring semester = 01/01/$$

Refer to the academic calendar documentation

6. How will Administrative Supplements etc. be handled?

Refer to the Additional Pay Participant Guide for a full listing of the Academic Reasons for Additional Pay, and processing directions.

7. Which employees will be paid through contract pay?

All AC2, AC3, WSG will be processed through contract pay.

Contract Pay information:

  • The Academic Calendar for AC2 employees will be 8/1/$$ - 5/31/$$.
  • For those following the Academic Calendar, the Contract Start Date will be the first day of the month, and the Contract End date will be the last day of the month.
  • For those who are hired on an irregular cycle (not the first day of the month) and they are to receive equal installments, their hire date will reflect the actual date of hire, and the Contract will reflect the first day of the month. If those hired on an irregular cycle are to have the first month prorated, their hire date and Contract date will be the date of hire.
  • Contract Pay Types: Academic Contract Sem1 (08/01/$$ - 12/01/$$), or Academic Contract Sem2 (01/01/$$ - 05/31/$$) can be used for an Academic (10 month) one semester appointment. Academic Contract 10 month can be used for an Academic Year Appointment (08/01/$$ - 05/31/$$), and Academic Contract 12 month can be used for an Academic Annual Appointment (to be used for those not following the academic instructional calendar).
  • If processing a pay rate change, select the pay over contract option.
  • If the employee should have a retro payment, select the lump sum option.
  • If the employee has a multiple job with contract pay, each job will have a separate contract associated with the job.
  • If transferring to another position, the original contract MUST be stopped. If the employee is transferring to another contract eligible position, a new contract must be established.
  • If the employee terminates, the contract will automatically terminate, and if a multiple job situation, the job that is terminated the contract will automatically terminate.
  • All contracts must have an appropriate active job for the payroll voucher to print.

8. Will titles be captured on the job?

No. Only the student titles are included in the salary grade description which will be displayed on the job data page. The remainder of the titles will be displayed on the Administrative Post Page.

9. How will the Named, Endowed, and Distinguished Professorial Titles be handled?

If an employee will hold a named, endowed, or distinguished professorial title, on the Administrative Post you will enter the professorial title, and then you will need to insert a row to enter the distinguished title as well.

10. How can the system tell if the employee has two jobs?

In people soft the employee will be assigned an Employee Record (EmplRcd) of 0 for the primary job, and when another job is added, the secondary job will have EmplRcd 1.

Currently if hiring a student their Empl Rcd would be 0 and the Empl Rcd would be 1.

11. How do the work periods, pay groups, and frequencies tie together?

Salary Plan Work Period Pay Group Frequency
AC1 – 10 pay W10 A10 M10
AC1 – 12 pay W A12 M
AC2 – 10 pay W10C A10 C
AC2 – 12 pay WC A12 C
AC3 – 10 pay W10C AS0 C
AC3 - 12 pay WC AS2 C
WSG – 10 pay W10C AS0 C
WSG – 12 pay WC AS2 C