Add New Person—International

Effective September 30, 2023, these instructions are no longer applicable for Staff positions due to changes in the system.

Academic and Hourly Employees

All non-US citizen or permanent resident hires require special processing. In general, consider the following:

  • What nonimmigrant visa status is the candidate currently in? Can you collect supporting documents to verify that status?
  • Does this current visa status enable the person to work for IU or will they need to change to another status?
  • Are you advised of the visa issues necessary to employ this person? If not, you will want to confer with appropriate office (see below).

On the Indianapolis campus, the Columbus campus, and the IU School of Medicine Regional Medical Centers, the eDocs route through the Office of International Affairs ( ).

On the Bloomington and regional campuses, the eDocs route through the Office of International Services ( ).

Please attach required supporting documents to the eDoc prior to submitting including:


  • Copy of Passport or Legal Permanent Residency Card (front and back of LPR card)
  • Note indicating visa status following discussion with OIS
  • Please do not attach any additional documents


  • Copy of Passport
  • Copy of document showing current visa status (for those already inside the US)
  • Copy of Personal Profile Form (PPF)

Technical Guidance with completing eDoc

  • Citizenship
    • Be sure that the correct citizenship is checked.
    • If you choose Permanent Resident and the individual is not a Permanent Resident, then the document must be disapproved and resubmitted. This also applies to “other” if they turn out to be Permanent Resident, the document must be disapproved and resubmitted
  • National ID
    • If the individual does not have an SSN then please enter all 9s, i.e. 999-99-9999
  • Local Address
    • If the individual is out of the country or has no US address, please use a version of the departmental address (this can be changed when the individual arrives).