Add New Person

Note: Effective September 30, 2023 the Add New Person eDoc is not necessary for Staff Hires. Refer to the Ready for Hire Training page for more information.

The Add New Person eDoc is used in the hiring process to create or “add” a new person to HRMS. The eDoc initiator typically has the Personal Profile Form, where the individual has indicated that they have no previous employment/affiliation with Indiana University. 

Person Inquiry

Our practice is to make sure that each individual affiliated with the University has one and only one University ID. Consequently, even when an individual indicates no previous affiliation with the University, the eDoc initiator still needs to check the system to confirm the individual’s status.

To determine if an individual has been affiliated with Indiana University before initiating an Add New Person eDoc, use the Person Inquiry under the Inquiries column on the HRMS portal page.

  • Click on “Person” in the Inquiries column
  • Enter the individual’s First Name, Last Name, and Birth Date
  • Or, change the Select ID Type to National ID and enter the individual’s social security number.
  • If no records are found in either of these searches you may proceed to the Add New Person eDoc.

Add New Person eDoc Process

From the HRMS Portal, under Person eDocs, click on Add New Person

  • Initial Information: Complete all of the required fields (*) using the magnifying glass lookup as needed.
  • Bio/Demo Data: Enter all of the bio/demo data making sure to complete all of the required fields (*) in this section.  Please refer to Entering Names in Bio/Demo Data for additional information.
  • If the individual has applied for a SSN but not yet received it, please enter all 9s in the National ID field.  Once the SSN has been obtained, contact for further instruction.
  • Add any notes that may be needed in the note text and click the add button under Actions to save the note.
  • Once you’ve reviewed the entire document, select submit to route the eDoc for approval. (Click save to save the eDoc and return to it later.  Click cancel to cancel the eDoc and start over.)

Once Your Add New Person eDoc has been Submitted

What to Expect

Once you’ve submitted the document, it routes directly to the central HR or Academic HR office for final approval.

Add New Person Final Approval Process

After the document has been approved by IUHR/Academic, you will receive an Acknowledgement in your Action List. This indicates that a University Id has been created for this employee and that the record containing the personal information has been saved in the PeopleSoft database. Now with a record in the database, you are able to initiate the Hire Employee eDoc.

If your request was disapproved, it is a result of the final approver finding an existing record (current University ID) in the database for this person. When disapproving the eDoc, the final approver will enter the correct University Id and add a note in the disapproved eDoc.

When you open the disapproved eDoc from your action list, be sure to make note of the University Id, as it only appears in the note section of the disapproved eDoc. Using the correct University Id that was sent to you, you will need to initiate a maintain person eDoc to make any appropriate bio/demo data updates in the system before doing the Hire eDoc.