In Position Actions

Create a Part-Time Pooled Position


Part time positions are generally considered for part time work and are paid through the University’s biweekly payroll.  All new part time employees will be placed in either a regular (HR), Part Time Employee, student (HS) Part Time Student Employee, with retirement (HP) Part Time Employee with Retirement, or work study (WSU) positions WorkStudy-Undergraduate position. See the Part Time Positions policy.


On the HRMS Portal under Position eDocs:

  1. Click on Create Position

When the eDoc opens: The Effective Date will default to the current date. The Effective Date is the date on which the action reason selected takes effect. Note: The system will not allow the effective date to be back dated, only current or future dates are allowed. Future dating isn’t recommended since the date drives when the position is available for posting and recruiting. However, if the position needs to be effective with a past date, please add a note to the Notes and Attachments section of the eDoc indicating what date the effective date should be. An update will be made by HR via correction mode to the desired date.

  1. Choose the Position Type by using the dropdown arrow to select Pooled Position Template
  2. Next to the Position Template, click the magnifying glass (search button)
    • The Campus (Business Unit) will default
    • Go to the Position Type field and using the dropdown arrow choose PT Emp
    • Click Search
    • Under the Current Title field locate the template you wish to use
    • To the left in the Return Value field for that title, click on return value
  3. Back at the eDoc, click Continue
    • The title will default – It may be changed only if it begins with “Part-Time Student”, Part-Time Employee, etc. 
    • The reports to field is not required for Part-Time positions, however, a position number may be entered.
  4. Department field: type the department ID or use the magnifying glass (search button).
  5. Click on Update Department Related Values – this will populate the rest of the Work Location information.
    • Head Count defaults to 5. This field may be edited.
  6. Notes and Attachments:  A note is recommended but not required
  7. Click the Submit button to allow the eDoc to route for approval.

When the eDoc appears in HR Trans Srvcs action list it will be final approved and a follow up email, that will include the position number, will be sent from to the eDoc initiator.

These positions will require the department to set up work areas in TIME. For assistance with creating work areas and such in TIME please contact UCO Payroll as they maintain the TIME system.