Create a Staff Position


For new position classification requests, leaders and HR representatives should consider the primary, fundamental responsibilities that are necessary for the position. With a sense of the work needing to be performed, the IU Career Navigator can then be used to filter (or search) to identify the most appropriate role descriptor that is representative of the position. See New Positions—Processing Instructions for more information.


On the HRMS Portal under Position eDocs:

  1. Click on Create Position

When the eDoc opens: The effective date cannot be changed to a past date. Future dates aren’t recommended since they drive the position availability for posting and recruiting. However, if the position needs to be effective in the past, please add a note to the Notes and Attachments section of the eDoc indicating what date the effective date should be.

  1. Campus (Business Unit): select by using the dropdown arrow
  2. Position Type: select Staff Appointed Position using the dropdown arrow
  3. Click Continue
  4. In the “Reports to” field, either enter or use the magnifying glass to look up the position number of who the position reports to.
  5. In the Department field, either enter or use the magnifying glass to look up the dept the position will reside.
  6. Click on Update Department Related Values - this will populate the rest of the Work Location information.
  7. In the Jobcode field, either enter or use the magnifying glass to look up the jobcode the dept desires the position to be
  8. Click on Update Jobcode Related Values
    • The title defaults from the jobcode and should not be changed. Departments may desire the position to have a working title which is not maintained in HRMS or via eDoc. Rather, the working title is housed in the department. 
    • Standard Hours field will default to 40 since all jobcodes are set at 40 standard hours. However, it can be changed to less if desired.
    • Work Period field will default; however, it may need to be changed. For example, for a 10-month position, change the work period to “Weekly – 10 Months (W10)”.
    • Max Head Count – Always 1 (one)
  9. Notes and Attachments section of the eDoc - A note is recommended but not required
    • You may add a note or an attachment such as a spreadsheet, PDF file, or a Word document.  Be sure to click on the Add button on the far right.
  10. When the eDoc has been reviewed and ready, select Submit to route the eDoc for approval. The eDoc should say, “Document was successfully submitted.”.
  11. Now select Close at the bottom of the document. Note that the status has changed from “INITIATED” to “ENROUTE”.

Additional actions:

  • If needed the eDoc may be saved by clicking the Save button at the bottom of the eDoc. This action will move the eDoc into your action list where you can retrieve it later. 
  • Use the Cancel button to cancel a document you no longer need/want. 
  • Refrain from clicking the Close button or “X” in the upper right corner of your browser screen. These actions will leave the eDoc in INITIATED status, causing any further actions on the employee’s record to be blocked without assistance from the HRMS Support Center to cancel the eDoc.