Mass Terminate Employee

Mass eDocs are intended for Initiators to perform the same transaction for several employee records on one document rather than using a separate document for each individual employee record.  

In cases where multiple employee records need to be terminated, the initiator should use the Mass Terminate Employee eDoc.The great convenience of this eDoc is this ability to terminate multiple records with one document.

Click on Mass Terminate Employee from the HRMS Portal. Enter the position number or the Campus, Department, and Salary Plan and click search. You will see a list of employees currently active in that position.

NOTE: No more than 300 records will be returned on a search. Our eDoc search of records in the PeopleSoft database is limited to 300 records. Additionally, as you prepare the eDoc you will need to limit the number of records to a maximum 30. Consequently, the eDoc offers some optional search criteria which will help you further refine your results.

Optional Search Criteria

  • Work Area - You will need to know the Work Area in order to utilize this search option. Your department may have multiple work areas, so this option may be of great help in limiting the number of records returned.
  • Voucher Code - You will need to know the Voucher Code in order to utilize this search option. The payroll processer in your department should be a good resource for obtaining the appropriate voucher codes. Depending on how your department structures their payroll vouchers, this option may too be of great help in limiting the number of records returned.
  • University ID – If you have an employee with multiple active jobs in your department, you can enter their University ID and the search will return all of their active jobs. Please note you can only terminate one employee with multiple jobs in your department on a Mass Terminate eDoc. If you have another individual with multiple jobs in your department that you plan to terminate, you will have to initiate another Mass Terminate eDoc.

After the search results are displayed, there are two options for selecting the records. If you will be terminating the majority of records returned it is convenient to click Select All in the Include Column and then deselect those records you do not wish to include in the termination.

If the Select All feature isn’t convenient for you, you may individually select each record you wish to include in the Mass Terminate eDoc (being mindful of the 30 record maximum).

Note: If an employee’s record is “Locked by eDoc”, that record will automatically be exculded from your search results.

By clicking on the Filter button at the bottom of the section, you will be able to remove the remainder of records that are deselected.

Now that you have identified the records you want to include in your eDoc, you are ready to select an Action Reason. The reasons shown in the drop down box are those available for this type of employee. You will select the Action Reason and then click Apply Action Reason.

Notes and Attachments

You can open Notes and Attachments by clicking on the Show button in that section. Enter your note in the Note Text field and click Add. Once it has been added, it will show your name as the author and list a Date/Time Stamp.

Take Action

Once you’ve reviewed the entire document, select Submit to route the eDoc for approval. (Click Save to save the eDoc and return to it later. Click Cancel to cancel the eDoc and start over.)