Mid-Year Pay Adjustment

The Mid-Year Pay Adjustment eDoc is used to change the rate for a staff employee.

Click Mid-Year Pay Adjustment from the HRMS Portal page.

Mid-Year Pay Adjustment Lookup

  1. Enter the University ID, click search, and records that meet the search criteria will appear.

NOTE: it's best to try to obtain the University ID, but if you don't have it, utilize the other available serach options.

  1. Click on the Mid-Year Pay Adjustment Document link in the Actions column and the eDoc will open.

Enter the Effective Date of the Mid-Year action. The Effective Date is the date on which the pay rate change takes effect.

  1. After entering the Effective Date select Continue. The Action Reason selection screen will appear with appropriate action reasons for the pay rate change.

Select the appropriate Action Reason based on the Compensation Team guide and consult with them if questions arise on which one to use.

  • EQU: Affirmative Action Equity
  • CAR: Career Progression
  • COU: Counter Offer
  • HLR: Higher Level Responsibilities
  • INT: Mandated by DOL/Visa Requirement
  • MAR: Market Adjustment
  • NCO: Negotiated Contract
  • OTH: Other Special Circumstances
  • RCL: Reclassification
  • RET: Retention / High Value

Job Data

Note: HRMS eDocs provide you with two columns of information. The left column shows you data for the employee’s record as it currently exists in the system. The data is copied forward to the right column with only certain field(s) editable. In this case, the only editable field is: Compensation Rate.

  1. Enter the adjusted Compensation Rate (Clicking on the Calc Annual Rate will show the new Annual Rate). Note data on the right side that has been updated is now highlighted in yellow. This not only helps you confirm any changes before submitting for routing, but also helps approvers note changes when they review for approval.
  2. Now click Continue.

Note: If you realize you need to make a change after moving to the next section of the eDoc, you can use the return button to return to that section.


Review the Earnings Section and update any funding information that needs to be changed.

Notes and Attachments

You can open Notes and Attachments by clicking on the Show button in that section. Enter your note in the Note Text field and click Add. Once it has been added, it will show your name as the author and list a Date/Time Stamp.

Take Action

Once you’ve reviewed the entire document, select Submit to route the eDoc for approval. (Click Save to save the eDoc and return to it later. Click Cancel to cancel the eDoc and start over.)