Before You Begin

Workflow Overview

Kuali Enterprise Workflow is a general-purpose electronic routing infrastructure, or workflow engine, for the IU community.  It manages the creation, routing, and processing of electronic documents (eDocs) necessary to complete a transaction.  Once created, Workflow then routes the eDoc electronically to the attention of designated individuals, based on university or departmental policies.

Specifically, HR eDocs route through the departments’ Personnel Approver and Fiscal Approver. After that there may be additional RC or Campus Approvers.  Finally, they end up at IU HR for final review and save to PeopleSoft.

Action List

Your Action List shows all electronic documents (eDocs) currently routed to you via Kuali Enterprise Workflow for action. From your list, you can view the contents and routing history of each eDoc. You may be asked to approve, acknowledge, complete, or get an “FYI” for each eDoc in your Action List.  Once you take the appropriate action, that eDoc automatically disappears from your Action List.

You can access your action list directly from (search for and select the Action List tile)

For more information: About Action Lists

Document Search

Document Search is a feature of Workflow and is used by many applications at IU. You can search the eDocs that have been routed for approval or are currently being routed. To return only HRMS eDocs, ensure that “HREEDocs v2” is entered in the Document Type field.

Access Document Search directly from (search for and select the Document Search tile). 

Also available from HRMS Links page for HR specific searches

For more information: Find eDoc