Bio/Demo Validation for Hires

Initiators will not be able to proceed with a Hire eDoc if the bio/demo data for the individual does not meet certain requirements.  eDoc logic checks for (validates) certain bio/demo values that must be captured for all employees.  When the validation fails, an error message is presented that provides a link to the Maintain Person e-Doc, where any bio/demo data needing to be updated may be completed.  

Once directed to the Maintain Person eDoc, if the initiator determines the Bio/Demo data needed is not available, the Personal Profile Form (ED), can be sent to the individual to fill out and submit any updates.

Once the Maintain Person eDoc has opened, enter the required information and select continue. You’ll want to be sure the effective date on the Maintain Person eDoc is before the effective date of the Hire.

Note that the missing information appears on the left side of the screen shot below as blank.  Complete all required information and select submit to route the eDoc for approval. (Click save to save the eDoc and return to it later. Click cancel to cancel the eDoc and start over.)